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Lekhus i returpapp

Våra lekhus av returpapp tillverkas i England. Det är stadiga produkter, men de kan samtidigt vikas ihop till ett platt paket och stuvas undan. De har vunnit priser för sin design och lekvänlighet. Bland annat har Babyworld utsett Rymdraketen till "Best Buy".

Här är några recensioner från samma sida:

"+ This is a great size and can easily hold two or three toddlers at a time. It's bigger than expected but it can be folded down for storage which is fantastic if you want to de-clutter the house for some adult time. 'It's great for imaginative play and was loved by both toddlers and parents who had hours of fun putting it together and decorating it'. The size means that your child has plenty of blank canvas to decorate and they'll love having their own little den to play in.
- 'Fairly tricky to assemble, it took two adults to get it into place!' Again you have to be careful when putting it together as it can rip quite easily (though the instructions do warn you of this)."

"This is a fantastic gift for a toddler. Not only do they get their own life-size rocket that they can run around, play in and create role-play, but they also get a canvas to decorate until their heart's content. We had great fun with this and I'm planning to buy some for my nephews this Christmas. Simply brilliant. "

"We loved playing with the rocket. The kids had so much fun putting it together and decorating it, we could have carried on for hours! The rocket is larger than expected so takes time to construct (you also have to be careful not to rip the edges when putting it together) but once it's up, it's solid and makes a great little role-play den for creative toddlers. The pens, pencils and paints also allow them to create a lovely personal design that's unqiue to them. Great for one child or a group on a rainy afternoon - there's guaranteed smiles all round. The god news is you can pack it away after use too...phew! "