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About Ekokul

Looking for unique toys? The perfect gift? You've come to the right place!
At Ekokul you will find innovative and fun toys. Ecological, educational,
and fair produced good toys. We are the small toy company that wants to stir the big toy market. Show new thinking about toys and show that there are cool, fun and GOOD alternatives to the usual mass-produced toys.

Ekokul is a family business motivated by the desire to change. We are always looking for toys that can become the obvious choice over mass-produced plastic toys without reflection. We believe in joy and attraction instead of pointers and scaremongering. We want to offer toys that meet the requirements many consumers now think is obvious for other products such as food and children's clothing.

We are looking for toys that meet the following criteria:

Organically grown non-toxic raw materials produced without ruthless
exploitation of nature or workers.
Durable - Produced from raw materials whose re-growth is guaranteed.
Recycled - Made from recycled materials.
Recyclable - The material is biodegradable or recyclable.
Locally produced - In order to minimize emissions from transport.
Fair Trade - Employment and production conditions are controlled well.
Energy-efficient - Smart use of energy in manufacturing processes, or in the
Pedagogical - Provides better understanding of energy, environment and
energy issues.

Welcome to Ekokul!

Please also see our sitemap in English for further information.